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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to the community of teachers !!

What is this portal all about?

TIY is a Wiki portal for the teacher community to collaborate. The aim is to develop standardised, yet customised lesson plans for topics in Computer Science. Defining such lesson plans as Templates, teaching would become ten folds easier when the teacher is ready and clear with the template. TIY envisages to be an online repository of teaching templates, thereby serving as an aid for teaching. Using the state of the art technology, today, it is feasible for teachers from different parts of the world to collaborate and serve each other.

Who can join this portal?

Any teacher who is passionate to lend help to the teacher community. In fact, helping the teacher community would mean contributing for the welfare of thousands of students.

What is to be done in the portal?

The portal has to be populated with teaching templates for various topics. As stated earlier, teaching templates are customised lesson plans. The best possible examples and analogies are to be brought about for teaching a topic. Furthermore, the right sequencing of examples and analogies plays a significant role in the template.

How to develop templates?

Sky is the limit and teachers can use their creativity to tell others how they would teach a particular topic. You can also edit the contributions of others teachers by adding in relevant examples, or changing analogies or even including a particular theorem.

Join hands in creating wonderful templates! Let the world know of the huge impact that you are creating on the students by the way you teach! Let the impact cascade!

The templates for Discrete Mathematics can be found here:

Discrete Mathematics

Recent Stories:

Dr. Upendar Mendu has done the first edit in a template. Sir has added an example to the template Rule of Sum and Rule of Product. Check it out and add more!

Yogesh Khalate has done the first edit in a template. Kudos!

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